One remaining walk left to complete the Meander project!


ADEPT are looking for two or more volunteers to walk the penultimate leg of the Meander project.  The last walk left off at Ingleton, leaving two walks – from Ingleton to Settle and from Settle to Gragrave.  Shanaz & Steve would like to complete the last leg, back to Chrysalis Arts from where they set off three years ago!

You can read more about the project HERE.

Any volunteers happy to walk, run, cycle or travel by any other non-powered form of transportation from Ingleton Church to Settle Post Office by any route they choose – while recording every moment of their journey using the project’s two dedicated MeanderCams – please get in touch using the email form on our contacts page.  You will play an important part in what must surely be one of the slowest Slow Art projects ever!