Rumour has it!

ADEPT are proud & delighted to have won The Big Rumour commission, part of Doncaster s visionary Right Up Our Street programme funded by Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places.

Rumour on the Street will be a Reality Game, an original concept by ADEPT, in which a large community team from Doncaster will come together to create an event in late October that will be experienced as a ‘real life’ adventure by its audiences.

Players will have to explore Doncaster, from its grandest buildings to its hidden corners, picking up clues, solving puzzles, discovering strange characters.  As they do, a mysterious story will unfold.

Rumour on the Street will be played live over a number of days across the whole of Doncaster region, and will conclude with a spectacular live event to be held in a secret location – only the players will know where it is and what it’s about.

Rumour on the Street has two levels of participation:

  • Creative Participants – the people and organisations who will contribute to the research, conception and writing of the game, and its construction, staging, project management and enactment.  Creative Participants will be divided into four teams (participants can contribute to  more than one team):
  • The Scripting team
  • The Project Management team
  • The Makers
  • The Cast
  • Audience Participants – the individuals, families and small groups who experience the game as a real life, real time adventure.

Players will have to register ahead of time if they want to play.

If you are from Doncaster and you are interested in participating in Rumour on the Street as a creative participant, please email us at letting us know in what capacity you would like to take part.  If you want to participate as a player of the game on one of the five play days in October, contact us at the same address – you don’t have to come from Doncaster to play the game!