Flash Mob Flood

In 2011 ADEPT were commissioned by the Environment Agency and East Lindsey District Council to devise a project that would capture the imaginations of Mablethorpe residents, especially young people, to raise awareness of the risks of flooding and to promote effective and informed actions and responses in the unlikely event that flooding should occur.  Adept proposed a flash mob event.

Working with students and staff from Tennyson High School and holidaymakers, ADEPT devised a performance in which participants used towels, old clothing and toys to create a memorable event that raised awareness of the issue of coastal flooding by creating a ‘Flash Flood‘ that reached the height of flooding during last great flood of 1953.

On Tuesday 19th July, 450 volunteers came together on Mablethorpe High Street, performed Flash Flood to surprised residents and holidaymakers and quickly dispersed, leaving ‘flotsam’ behind. Cameras were there to record the event.

ADEPT had two days to edit raw footage into a video which formed the centrepiece of an exhibition for the Skegness SOFest.