Four Calling Birds

Four Callng Birds Four Callng Birds Four Callng Birds



In 2009 ADEPT was commissioned by Magnetic Events to create an outdoor installation responding to the theme of Twelve Days of Christmas.  Four Calling Birds was a complex interactive audio visual piece which literally called the audience to play.  The installation was subsequently installed at the Quaker Garden, Settle, as part of the Settle Stories festival 2011, and at the inauguration of Accrington Academy in 2012.

The installation comprised four translucent, jewel-like bird masks, each mounted on poles with an embedded microphones leading into a custom built base containing a computer and amplifier. When members of the audience inserted their heads into the bird masks and spoke, sang or whistled, voice synthesis software transformed the sounds they made into bird-like trills, caws and shrieks that were amplified and echoed out across the park creating a surreal bird night life.

Four Calling Birds ran during four successive nights of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow without any technical issues.