Window Window 2010

In 2010 ADEPT’s installation Window created a screen shaped as a Romanesque arch suspended invisibly between two trees in a Gateshead park.  A ‘living stained glass window’ was projected on the screen, with seven inset cartouches depicting video scenes of the Nativity. The non-figurative parts of the window were also animated, transforming through a kaleidoscopic range of shapes and colours.  The style of the video and design of the imagery echoed the colours of stained glass.  Traditionally, stained glass windows illustrate Biblical stories; so did ours.

The nativity was written and performed by students from Carr Hill Primary School and edited as a series of vignettes, green-screened against backdrops created by the students.  Each scenic ‘pane’ of the projection showed another part of the Christmas story.

The video was alive at all times; each pane was highlighted in succession as the story unfolded.