Magnetic Events’ extraordinary Odin’s Glow event comprised a suite of artistic commissions that completely took over the North Yorkshire peak, Roseberry Topping, and the entire village of Newton under Roseberry for three nights in October 2009.

For Odin’s Glow, Adept created Sub Stop, a bespoke installation in the village bus shelter.  Sub Stop referenced Captain James Cook’s local origins and filled the bus shelter with a short animated trompe l’oeil film depicting a growing crowd of imaginary sea creatures, part fish, part drowned sailors, waiting for the bus that will take them all to Whitby.  The installation included elaborate CGI by Gary Bendelow and a complex double-bounced projection, that allowed a short-throw projector to fill custom-built screens across the entire width of the shelter.

Sub Stop was seen by an audience of over 12,000 and was regarded by press and audiences as one of the biggest hits of the show.