Deershed Festival: The Kaironauts

ADEPT were appointed artists-in-residence at Deershed Festival 2014.  Adopting the Festival’s theme of time travel, ADEPT devised a live and projected performance that took the festivalgoers into a disco-crazy future and then back into the middle ages.


The Kaironauts involved the creation of five (some literally) larger-than-life characters: the Partyologist, the three Kaironauts Awa, Min and Boogie, and their robotic pet TIM.

With the help of a neurological battery compiled from young festival-goers’ tinfoil helmets, the Partyologist powered up her time machine and called the Kaironauts back from the distant future.


Despite the Kaironauts’ intimidating appearance as their temporal media helmets absorbed contemporary culture, they soon revealed themselves to be Travoltites; worshippers of John Travolta.



After spending the evening in the Deershed disco tent and the following day mixing with the crowds, the Kaironauts arranged to repeat the experiment the following evening to call the entire Travoltite sect from the future to the greatest party on earth.


Unfortunately, one of the tinfoil-helmeted youngsters must have added a silent ‘K’ to Saturday Night Fever, because the time machine drew down a young pickpocket, pursued by a cohort of mounted Knights, leading to a Sunday of jousting and medieval revelry.